The LAMBDA DOSER (HI-DOSER) powder feeder is a unique programmable pump for free-flowing solid substances. It allows the automatic or continuous addition of powders, powdery and crystalline substances without a spoon.

This laboratory instrument, consisting of a dosing unit coupled to a digitally controlled stepping motor, allows the constant and reproducible dosing of solids. As the powder feeder DOSER (HI-DOSER) offers different control options, it can also be used in automatically controlled processes.

The motor of the driving unit is controlled with quartz-driven electronics, similarly as it is done in electronic watches. The powder distributor is of an open spiral type (not a screw type as is sometimes used in other systems and can lead to the compacting and blocking of the dosing screw). This spiral takes the powder and pushes it to the heart of the where it falls out of the dosing unit.

Properties of the LAMBDA DOSER (HI-DOSER) powder dosing instrument

Dosing rate

The digital dosing speed range from 0 to 999 and allows precise and reproducible solid flow rate (e.g.: 50 mg/min to 50 g/min of NaCl in DOSER and 250 mg/min to 250 g/min of NaCl in HI-DOSER).


27 pairs of dosing speeds and dosing times can be easily programmed.


Approx. 200 ml glass vessel (corresponding to 250 g NaCl, 200 g NaHCO3 or 150 g Sucrose), is optimal for most laboratory applications. A larger vessel of approx. 1 l and 3 l vessel volumes are available.


With DOSER, the additions of powdery chemicals become reproducible, safe and conform to modern safety and quality rules (GLP), as it is required for the laboratory manipulation of chemicals. The hermetic construction of the DOSER (HI-DOSER) allows safe handling of dangerous and toxic solid substances.

Assembly and cleaning

The dosing apparatus has been constructed for easy assembly and cleaning. The powder feeding instrument can be coupled to all common glass recipients having standard ground fittings NS 29/32 or SVL threaded connectors. All parts in contact with the powdery substances are made ​​of chemically resistant materials.

Small dimensions and robust construction

Special attention has been paid to minimizing the dimensions of all parts of the powder DOSER and HI-DOSER. The DOSER can be easily adapted to complex laboratory installations. The robust construction and the use of high quality materials assure a long lifetime of the DOSER.

Controlled atmosphere

Several seals make the DOSER (HI-DOSER) air-tight and it can be used with a slight over- or under-pressure. The glass vessel can also be flushed by a neutral gas, if it is necessary for a given reaction.


Automatic dosage frees the technicians for other works. Due to better reproducibility and elimination of errors the number of experiments can be reduced. The DOSER (HI-DOSER) offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Remote controls

The speed of addition can be remotely controlled over the whole range by applying a voltage of 0 to 10 V and switch-ON / OFF is controlled through an external contact or 12 V signal.

The RS-485 or RS-232 interface (optional) allows for enhanced PC control (variable flow Rates, dosing gradients, etc.). A PC control software PNET is also available (optional).

Quantification of the dosed substances

LAMBDA INTEGRATOR in the DOSER (HI-DOSER) can be activated, which allows the quantification of the amount of powder added as a function of time. This provides an important information on the processes or reactions, e.g. when the DOSER is controlled by a controller (pH-stat, thermostat, etc.).